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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  CBS  November 30, 2015 1:30am-2:00am CST

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an indepth look at the people and events that shape our
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political systemthth is iowa in focus.this week -- the reaction after a russian fighter jet is brought down by another country trng to fight isis.we sit down with one of the candidates calling for restraint in data collection even after terrorist attacks. the big news this week unfolded early tuesday morning -- between two countries looselelfighting for the same goal. goal.turkey shot down a russian jet that was conducting bombing raids in syria when the turks said that the plane kept violating their soveriegn airspace and ignored multiple warnings.the russians deny that the plane was over turkey -- and that there were warnings -- but either way -- one of the two pilots was injured when he ejected -- and was later killed either while falling the ground or after he landed.the other safely returned to a russian base. russia is now sending air defense missiles to its airbase in syria and has said there will be repercussions for what turkey did. russian president vladimir putin wasn't mincing any words
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about what it meant to his country.he said it was a "stab in the back" from turkey turkeythat day -- french president t franaois hollande was in washington -- speaking with president obama about creating a coalition including both the russians and united states actively rking togeter to combat isis.the president said turkey had every right to defend its airspace -- but that what was important was that both turkey and russians had an open dialogue about what went wrong. i do thinthat this points to a ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries. countries.the president said if the russian were directing their effofos exclively on the isis targets that there was more wide-spread agreement on fighting -- that kind of mistake might not happen. in the united states -- we've been following local
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politicans weighing in on the syrian refugee debate.the obama administration has sent state officials across the country a reminder that states do not have the legal authorities to refuse refugees. refugees.many governors announced they would not accept syryrn refugees after the terror attacks in paris. the office of refugee resettlement sent out a letter saying states could not deny benefits and services to refugees sed on coununy of origin or religious affiliation.the letter says if they don't comply -- it would be breaking the law. there weren't as many stops through the early primary and caucus states this wewe because of the holiday -- but that didn't keep donald trump and dr. ben carson from getting into the headlines. all started when trump said that he saw muslim communities in new jersey cheering on 9/11 when the twin towers were attacked just on the other side of the river separating new jersey and new york.true to form -- it was controveial and some fact- checkers were having a tough time figureing out if it ever happened at t l. i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and
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thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. ." ."at first dr. ben carson backed him up -- saying he saw the same footage.then a few hours later -- carson's campaign said that the footage *he saw was actually from the ddle eaea and not new jersey and that he was mistaken while answering the question. before the nation took off for thanksgiving -- quinnipiac came out with it's latest iowa polls.for the republicans -- there was some movement. movement..dodold trump gains the lead from drdrben carson. trump pulled in 25-percent of the vote -- carson dropped 10 points to 18-percent.ted cruz jumped all the way to number two -- with 23-percent of likely caucus goers -- meaning it's a dead heat within the margin of error. the ne day -- the democrats poll came out.hillary clinton kept her lead in iowa -- at 51- percent.bernie sanders is still in second and martin o'malley rounds out the three person democratic field. between what could be an international crisis on the border between turkey and
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syria to some rereuffling in the iowa polling nubmers -- we brought in university of iowa professor cary covington to break down what it all means for the 2016 race.we started by asking him how the race of changes for candidates now that the sitting president is dealing with big -- and potentially dangerous -- international issues.
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the concern over terrorists and refugees hits close to home here in the corridor.the mother mosque of america in cedar rapids is the nation's oldest house of islamic faith. for decades - imam taha tawil says iowa always welcomed syrian refugees with open arms. that's'shy he says the refugee crisis shouldn't be about isis or terrorism at all. all. tucked away in one of cedar rapids' small neighborhoods... s... (built from the ground up) is this white anangreen's the nation's oldest mosque - and imam taha tawil says state officials asking to shut the door t refugees is hurting his faith. faith."this is the land of the free, and the land of the brave. we didn't see anything so far pointing to terrorists coming from immigrants."syrian immigrants built the mother mosque of america in 1934 - and imam tawil says the story inside speaks for itself.
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itself. "we have to stick with our principles. we have been welcoming community"but with isis terror attacks in paris - he say's there's a deep divide seen in the fearmongoringg generalizations about islam. islam. "when you say muslims, muslims, muslims, we are not doing that. it's a few individuals."he says he'd rather see heightened immigration n security efforts - - because that would at least give refugees a chance. chance. "they are dying, in the sea, they are dying in the desert. they are dying everywhere they go." imamamawil says he and ooer islamic leaders are looking into ways to communicate with state officials about the immigration policy. coming up next...we go one on one with the presidential candidate saying this is the worst time to collect more intellegence about citizens around the world -- even in if it's in the name of national
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welcome to iowa in focus. this week we're joined by senator rand paul. unfortunataty, not long ago were the paris attacks in france. a few weeks removed, what do americans take away? away?i think the main lesson is there is a vulnerability both in europe and here so ve introduced legislation to make it more safe and secure to prevent terrorists from coming over here. i've looked at the refugee program and i beleive we do have some danger from the refugee program. in my town, , bowling green, kentucky, two iraqis came to my town and said they're refugees but then
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missles and we caught them. when we caught them, we determined one of their finger prints were on a bomb fragment in iraq. we should have known better and yet we admitted them anyway. anyway.the bill that just passed the house is expected to get support in the senate. how important is it for that bill to get passed? passed? it's a first step but we have other dangers as well. the people who committed the atrocity in paris i think are going to turn out to be french citizens. any one of them could have gotten on a plane and come to visius at any time. we have no restrictions with travel for french tizens. they're called a visa wavier country. my bill would also address that. if you want to visit us, yohave
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it's like a frequent flyer program with a background check. if we don't haveve program like thatatwe're going to have poeple come from countries that are our allies but they have hotbeds of radicalism within their countries. the premise that having more information means a higher likehood of stoping this attacks false? false?yes.there was a nobel prize winner by the name of herbert simon. he said you can get so much information that you get information overload and it makes your decision making process worse. malcolm gladwell has written that knowledge does not equal understanding. sometimes you get so much information that you're overwhelmed by it and
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you make wrose decisions. we're making the haystack too large. as much as i'm an advocate of privacy, if you came to me with spepefic information about the boston bomber, absolutely, i'll give you peission to look at his records and the records of hte people he talks to. but that's the fourth ammendment. you've given n me a name, you've given me suspicion and you've given me an indiependent judge. that's all i'm asking for. not no collection of records, just don't become a police state where everyone's information is gobbled up by the government. government.donald trump has been in the news with a muslim
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dystopian.absolutely.marco rubio has said the same thing. he's said he'll shut down any site that might inspire someone to become radical. my goodness, that is very worrisome and should disqulify rubio or trump to become commander in chief because if you want to give up on the right to assemble and register everyone from a religion, that really goes against everything that our country stands for." coming up next...the nations of the world have been dealing with refugees for centuries. see how past generations have welcomed -- or turned away
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welcome back.this is the real story -- we're goininto take the time to give context to some of the events that will go on during the 2016 race for the white house.sometimes we'll have to go back a few days -- weeks or months -- or even years that are sti relevant. we find oututtoday -- history does repeat itself. for nearly as long as people have identified with one group over another -- there have been refugees.all it's taken is one group being in power -- and deciding that another group was no longer welcome -- or even worse -- would be killed for staying around. situations like that have been tracked at least all the way back to 740 b-c -- whwh 10 of the roughly 12 tribes in the region were forced out of ancient israel. israel. what we'll focus on today are the refugee situations that the modern woror would have encoununred -- and how they y reacted to them.about a decade into the 20th century was world war i.roughly 200- thousand belgians were chased out of their homeland whwh the germans invaded -- and many of the beligans went to britian -- where the government warmly
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offered them the "hospitality of the british nation."there was some tension during the war -- but when it was all over -- many of the belgians returned to their homeland. -----27 years after the first world war -- the second world war broke out -- and many more people were displaced while german forces made their way through the continent.for much the war -- there weren't any special actions taken to try and help the jewish refugees being chased by the nazi' june of 1939 -- 300-thousand refugees were applying for 27-thousand visas set by quotas in the u-s.those quotas did change until 1944 -- when f-d-r created the war refugee board to partner with a bunch of international organizations to save jewish people in then -- the holocaust had already been going on for roughly a decade. what did happen was the creation of a number of groups and laws to help with refugees in the future -- like the united nationals relief and rehabilitation adminsitration -- the universal declaration of human rights -- and the u-n high commissioner for refugees.
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----the end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century gave us two veve different refugee situations. in the early 90's -- 2-point-7 refugees were forced to flee from bosnia.tens of thousands landed in western ations -- mostly the united states and germany.but in 2003 -- civil war in darfur displaced 2- point-5 people.years later -- nearly all of them are still on the run in their own country with a few hundrere thousand living in refugee camps in chad. when american forces went into iraq in 2003 -- that started a stretch where nearlyfive million iraqis would leave their home and about two million of them would flee the country. country.many of them went to nearby states like jordan -- syria or lebanon -- but often faced more -- some of them are nning from the e rian conflict too -- and finding an international community with mixed reactions to their efforts to leave the region. roughly four million syrians are on the runalmost 2 millioio are e neighboring rkey -- it's way more than that
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one of the closest countries around.lebanon has about a million refugees -- in a country that only has about four million people.jordan( and iraq (both have taken in plenty europe -- germany has recieved the most applications for refugees -- and they're leading the way with sweedentrying to get quotas impliemented that would spread t t refugeeeearound the continent.france -- even after the attacks and fears about security breeches if more refugees come in -- is committed to 30-thousand refugees.the united states has pledged to take 10-housand syrians -- with strong concerns about screening proceeudres from politicans and citizens alike.--- --- as francois said, our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees and our duty to security, those duties go hand in hand. on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there are words we know so o ll."give me
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huddled masses yearning to be free." over the course of modern history -- there has rarely been an extended period of time that didn't see a group of people needing a new -- safe place to live.just as common as the need -- appears to be the ability for other countries to resist lending a helping hand.the point is that for all the debate it's creating around the world -- this problem is hardly a new one. coming up after the break... the presidential candidate who's taking to twitter to
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presidential field. welcome back -- we'll close the show each week taking a look at what hhpened on social media... media...this week -- north liberty city leaders held a meeting to discuss the idea of a weapons ban on city property. it came after some concerns were raised by the library board in that city.e posted it online and... and... t-l said -- does she honestly think that an illegal gun owner or someone who wants to
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kill someone will obey this resolution/law?...taking away someone's constitutional right will not make things right or better. better.daniel chimed in with -- good luck on trying to enforce that unless you plan on hiring armed guards and frisk people. now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates and social media. media.last weekend -- a black lives matter protestor was beat up at a donald trump rally.trump responded by saying that the prostor might t have deserved it with theheay he was behaving. martin o'malley jumped on twitter saying: "something is wrong w/ today's gop when a #blm protester is beaten up at a rally & front-runner @realdonaldtrump says maybe he deserved it." it."later in the week -- first district congressman rod blum got in on the action.e was up in decorah -- --and posted this picture -- outside the bernie sanders decorah office -- saying "stopped by to "feel the bern" in decorah today but no one was working." you can follow along on
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twitteteand facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures.we upload the full shows and a lot of the features to our website too -- in the iowa in focus section. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what different campaigns have scheduled -- and where you can see whichever candidate you want. want.republicacajohn kasich kicks the week off with events in eastern and central iowa on monday.ted cruz will also be through the corridorn coralville monday morning. saturday -- first district representative r r blum hosts the rising tide summit in cedar rapids.the purpose of the summit is to promote smaller government -- lower taxes -- free markets -- personal liberty and the rule of law make sure to come back next get the clear facts on iowa in focus.
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